Return to blogging

Sporadic as it will probably turn out to be, blogging will become, again, a feature in my life. Why? Because I’ve missed it. I used to blog fairly regularly as FantasyPieces–I created a website during my grad school years (old school! HTML and everything!), then moved it to Drupal, then moved it to TypePad, and then again to WordPress, where it found a peaceful digital grave.

I’m too busy to devote time to writing frivolous stuff when I have so much Important Stuff to write about and can never find enough time to do it (imagine my conscience pronouncing this with bearded gravitas).

But, in truth, writing begets writing; that’s why everyone in the history of writing (well, mostly everyone, try to forget Plato in this) recommended keeping a journal.

I’m a Gen X-er and should in theory feel comfortable with journals except I’m not–could never develop the habit, no matter how hard I tried. A blog, however? That’s easy!

So, even though I won’t post every day, I’ll consider this my outlet from now on, and what a better time to start it now, during my sabbatical. Hopefully this will keep me accountable. To new beginnings!