• Back from sabbatical

    January 6, 2020 by

    Today I’m back to work from my fall sabbatical. It feels weird and complicated, as I miss my coworkers and the energy of the students but am less fond of other aspects of the job, as are all of us, I imagine. It’s hard to resist the siren call of new year’s resolutions, and although… Read more

  • Grateful

    December 17, 2019 by

    I beat myself up a lot about what I should have accomplished, where I should be in my career, how much more I could have done if only x, y, and z (all internal causes: if I could have overcome this or that circumstance or rise to the occasion or simply be better, in all… Read more

  • Academic Timelines

    October 14, 2019 by

    I’m currently in the midst of more projects than I’ve ever been involved with in my life. Academic velocity: light speed and beyond. In short, I’m trying to: finish a book manuscript revise and resubmit an article (encouraging feedback but needs some work) edit 14 chapters of an edited collection revise and resubmit a book… Read more

  • The Precarity of Knowledge

    September 27, 2019 by

    I have a ton of books, many of them unread. (Admit it, you do, too.) A lot of them are heavy with knowledge and highfalutin writing, having something important to say, to contribute. None of the academic books I have were written more than 50 years ago, with perhaps one exception (Kenneth Burke’s oeuvre). I… Read more

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